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AgileBill - Free Open Source Billing Software

As of Thanksgiving 2008, AgileBill has been released as open source. Development on AgileBill began as early as 2002, and the software was released commerically in 2004. AgileBill is the result of years of development effort, and we don't want to see that effort wasted as we move our focus on to the next generation of products and services.

AgileBill's release as open source is intended to build the user community and extend the lifespan of this project, since active inhouse development has ceased as work has begun on the next generation of billing solutions.

Read the open source release announcement here, and the release history of AgileBill here.

Download AgileBill Open Source

The AgileBill source code and archives can be downloaded from github at this link: You can access the current source code in either a .zip or .gzip archive.

Support and Development

The user community for AgileBill is located at If you wish to contribute code to AgileBill, please post in the forum so we can arrange to provide you access to the git repository.

Projects Based on AgileBill

Presently, the AgileVoice and AgileISP applications are based upon AgileBill. At the time AgileBill was released as open source, both AgileVoice (a VoIP billing solution) and AgileISP (an ISP billling solution) are included in the main AgileBill distribution as open source as well.

About the Developer

Tony Landis is the main developer behind the AgileBill project, his personal website is located at